In the recent past months, S6 Academy has been working on lots of exciting new projects that can finally be shared with you all!

Paige Walton, our trainer, is now the number 1 trainer for Orafol in the UK. This position has come working in partnership with Adapt, one of the leading UK suppliers of Orafol. I am delighted to inform you all we will now be training at the new state of the art Adapt training facility based in Nottingham, just a short 4 minute journey off the M1. This two day course will cover full preparation, the correct tools, installation and vehicle conditions, as well as basic and advanced 3D wrapping techniques. To book please visit https://amaridigital.com/training/vehicle-wrap-training

Alongside the great news with Orafol, Paige has also just been dedicated another lead roll in training for Teckwrap UK. This is another huge project that will be taking place at the S6 HQ and will be launching June/July 2021. 

For any queries regarding booking please don't hesitate to contact us on 01245 400111 or academy@s6wraps.co.uk


Happy Summer!