Start, Run And Grow Your Own Vehicle Wrapping Business!

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Start, Run And Grow Your Own Vehicle Wrapping Business!


You could soon become your own boss, do something you enjoy and profit from your passion.

My guess is you're here because you're looking to start a part time business alongside your current job, or you're looking to start a full time business as a career change. Or maybe you've got a business already and you're looking to discover a profitable bolt on income to your existing business. Well, you’re certainly here because you're considering a business in the vehicle wrapping sector.

8 years ago I started my journey in the wrapping industry. I started exactly where you are now and now am the founder and CEO of one of the leading vehicle wrapping companies in the UK. 

I decided that I would help other people do the same thing so I could give back and contribute to the many people who gained my trust with my expertise. I decided they would get the benefit of what I'd learned so they didn't fall into the many pitfalls that I did.

I am now a certified trainer for Hexis UK and also have become an Alternative Provider of education, introducing children into the industry. My list of qualifications is ever growing with many more certifications in process. 

Manifest your goals.

Paige Walton S6 Wraps

Dream, Believe, Achieve.