Children's Saturday School Vehicle Wrapping

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Saturday Vehicle Wrapping School for Children

What your children will learn:
An introductory vehicle wrapping course for children. Designed to teach and help children understand the requirements for fitting and installing vehicle wrap products. Our vehicle wrap courses start at 10am or 2:30pm and finishes at 12:30pm or 4:30pm with refreshments included.

Understand the basics of vehicle wrapping, you'll learn about different types of adhesive, preparation and the importance of temperatures, how to calculation the amount of film required and cutting techniques.

Practical session, hands on experience with guidance from our trainers, wrapping different vehicle panels using different techniques.

Our training program to help the children engage in something new, fresh and exciting. Our main objective would be to awaken a new passion to learn within the child, for them to feel rewarded with pride and confidence once the course is complete.

We hold both public liability insurance and employers liability insurance. Please ask for copies of our policies or risk assessments should you require.


  • All material and tools
  • Refreshments
  • Goodie bag

Price is per person
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